Megan Heinzl:
Front-end Web Developer

Welcome to my portfolio. Here you will find a showcase of my works, including solo and group projects, and the roles I took while developing them.

About Me

Cooper working hard on his laptop
Cooper working hard on his laptop.

I was born and raised in the Lower Mainland in British Columbia, Canada. I love Vancouver for its rain, moss, and mountains. As a developer, I strive to create highly functional, beautiful websites in order to further the goals of my clients. Usability, aesthetics and results are my top priorities. I enjoy working closely with others in order to combine strengths, culminating in a truly outstanding website. I believe that close working relationships, strong communication and an ever-burning desire to improve will always result in top percentile results.

I have always been a "computer nerd" since as long as I can remember. When I was 9 years old I was taking out books from the library to learn HTML. I spent the majority of my teenage years playing video games instead of learning "real" skills, but I still managed to gain valuable experience. Through those games, I learned the basics of economics, leadership, perseverance, the importance of being organized, and strong communication skills. Now I'm older my focus is less on fun and more on the future. I'm eager to carve myself out a career in a field I'm passionate about: web development. The internet has done so much for me, and now it's time I did something in return. I'll carve out my mark, one outstanding website at a time.

In my spare time, I like to curl up on the couch with my dog Cooper and my cat Noob. I love them dearly and they are my primary motivation for success. I want to give them the best life possible. I love to laugh, and often make cheesy jokes, dumb puns and sprinkle in a bit of fun whenever it's appropriate. I'm not the most chatty person in the world (despite what you may think after reading all of these paragraphs), but I love to talk about my hobbies, which include keeping and breeding exotic animals and tropical plants, as well as other people's pets. If you have a cat, dog, or any other pet/plant, I'm always excited to hear about it.

My Background

Noob helping me work on my laptop
Noob giving me some moral support as I work.

I went to school at the British Columbia Institute of Technology (BCIT) located in Vancouver, BC. There I obtained my Technical Web Design certification after an intensive, 6 month long, full-time program. The program was a fantastic experience for me, as it set me up with a strong foundation on current technologies and best-practice techniques in an immersive, practical way. We worked hands-on with languages including HTML, CSS, JavaScript, PHP and MySQL, as well as frameworks, libraries and preprocessors such as React, jQuery and Sass. In addition to the technical skills, there was a lot of focus on making "showcase-able" projects and working in teams. The culmination of the program was a group project in which we worked in a team of 4 to design and develop a website from scratch for a local business owner.

Before my time at BCIT, I spent two years at Douglas College doing general studies, focused mostly on Biology and Computer Science. I excelled in my programming courses, which covered Python and C++. To this day I still love programming. I view it as one big puzzle that you have to break down piece by piece, solving one problem at a time and putting those solutions together until you have a fully functioning program you can be proud of. I've always loved puzzles, thinking, and learning new things, and have spent most of my childhood self-teaching in front of a computer as a home-schooled child all the way from preschool to graduation. This allowed me to learn at my own pace, and explore exactly what interested me, and I found the experience to be invaluable. I decided to pursue web development because of my passion for coding and my interest in design: being able to use both my left and right brain allows me to challenge myself and stay fully engaged and fulfilled in my work.